100% pure talcum with long lasting effect.

Atar Phool
ATAR PHOOL® 100g & 300g, 3.3 Oz.
A perfect blend of floral essence & freshness
Dusk Talc
DUSK® 100g & 300g, 3.3 Oz.
The nature. The call of the wild. The dusk. The woody aroma. The ethnic touch of nature.
Country Lights perfumed talc
COUNTRY LIGHTS® PERFUM-DE-TALC, 100g & 300g, 3.3 Oz.
The call of the native. The home away from home. The freshness of the nature. Sunshine inmy eyes makes me happy...

Glacier icy-cool talc
GLACIER® ICY-COOL TALC, 100g & 300g, 3.3 Oz.
The talc that keeps your body and mind cool all day away from all body odours.
Perfumed talc
ROSE GARDEN® PERFUMED TALC, 100g & 300g 3.3 Oz.
Love yourself in the garden of roses and refresh your body and mind with the wild eternal fragrance of rose...
Power of Dignity White Musk
POWER OF DIGNITY® WHITE MUSK, 100g & 300g. 3.3 Oz.
Feel the power of dignity
The eternal beauty within you
The confidence. The nobility.
The Glitter...
It can be no other than you.